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Fans of (pre-femme) Olivia Benson

Love you some Olivia? Express it here

Olivia Benson Fans
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Hi! I'm glad you found us.
This community was founded by aleatory_6 and is primarily for discussion of Law & Order: SVU's tough, compassionate detective, Olivia Benson. While discussion regarding the actor who portrays Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is allowed, it is not encouraged. Please mark any Mariska discussion threads OT (off topic) or better yet, visit mariskahargitay to post your thoughts and opinions.
Moderator: onmyowntoolong
Maintainers: onmyowntoolong + p_inkjeans
+ Acceptable Posts: Anything really as long as it's related to Olivia Benson. This includes graphics, fanfic, episode discussion, character dissection, the horror that is femme-inisation of a once butchalicious character, 'ships (even though it's a polarising topic within the fandom - so be nice, okay?! :)), or anything else that springs to mind. Introduction type posts should be posted here and anything off topic should be clearly marked "OT" or "Off Topic" in the subject line and placed behind an lj cut tag. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the deletion of offending posts.
+ Lj-cut: All episode discussion, large images, community advertisements, long posts, posts containing potentially offensive content, and posts that have been cross-posted to more than three communities should be placed behind a lj-cut with suitable labeling. Use the following code in order to cut: < lj-cut text="Cut off here" > (without the spaces).
+ Play Nice: We're here to have fun, not to cause each other grief and I'm pleased to say, so far so good. Continued membership at this community is solely at discretion of the moderator.
+ Icons: DO. NOT. STEAL. If you want to take or use anything that's posted here, please wait until the conclusion of the current icon challenge (see below), make sure you have permission to do so and don't claim the hard work of others as your own. It's just plain wrong. Crediting at LJ is nearly always essential.
+ Direct Linking: Absolutely no direct linking of ANY icons or images found on this site is permitted. Everyone hates a bandwidth thief and unless you're looking to get on everyone's bad side, you will NOT do this!
We also hold a fortnightly icon making contest so to all you creative types out there, why not drop in and show off your skills and talents?
Challenge Rules and Regs

1. Icons must be lj compatible ie, 100x100, 40K and under, .png, .gif, or .jpg

2. Entries may be animated
3. Icons should feature Olivia Benson or Mariska Hargitay but pairings/groups are allowed (see categories below)
4. Enter your own creations - don't steal from others (it's not nice!)
5. Credit for bases where credit's due (see screencap listing in the Resources section below).
6. Mark your entries with the category name so we'll know what's what.
7. Challenges will commence from 6.00 pm every second Monday (Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Savings Time) or as soon as the screencap and quote categories have been posted.
8. Voting will commence from 12.00 noon on Saturdays and close at 6.00 pm on Mondays (Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Savings Time). All voting categories are "pick your favorite" and voting for your own icon is not allowed (and will make you look really silly!).
9. The respective winners of the Quote and Screencap categories (see below) will have the option of selecting for the next challenge.
10. Please include a drabble topic with your entries (see "Drabble Challenge" below)
11. If all of this sounds okay and you intend to enter our icon challenge, please post your preferences regarding the sharing of your icons either with your entry or here.


The contest will consist of a maximum of five entries each fortnight, one in each of the following categories:

Solo- Just Olivia

Work/Castmate - either Olivia with workmate(s) or Mariska with cast member(s)
Screencap- to be chosen by the previous fortnight's winner.
Quote- to be chosen by the previous fortnight's winner.
Serious? Not! - not so much about icon quality as it is about humour. Entries should reference or feature Olivia.

Screencap for Current Challenge

Click for larger image
Quote for Current Challenge: Untouchable
Icon Making Programs
JASC Paint Shop Pro
JASC Animation Shop
Adobe Photoshop
GIMP for Windows Link provided by darksky23
GIMP for Mac Link provided by darksky23
Image Hosting
SVU Screencaps (see note regarding direct linking under Posting Guidelines above)
Credit should ALWAYS be given when using bases from any of these sites for icons

NBC/Universal Media Village
aleatory_6's SVU Caps
captain_sam's Screen Cap Archive

ella siegel's screen cap album
zacheese's SVU Screencaps
lawandorder-fr(dot)com SVU photos
sparklebunny's SVU screencaps (pass = svunit)
svu_fan_4ever's L&O: SVU Screencaps
joemacsanne's Screencaps here, here, here and here
Recommended Icon Making Communities
Following positive feedback from some of our members, ob_fangrrl is now no longer just about aimless chatter and icon making. :)


1. Yes my friends, drabbles are widely recognised as being (up to) 100 word fics, however, who are we to curb your enthusiasm? The sky's the limit (although there is something to be said for the talent it takes to tell a story in just 100 words). :)
2. New challenges will be posted 6.00 pm every second Monday (Aust EST) but will not close as such. Topics for drabbles challenges will be voted upon every second Saturday based on suggestions from members posting in the icon challenge (see above).
3. Entries should be Benson-centric (or at least contain an inkling of Olivia somewhere within the piece). Crossovers, AU, solo, OTPs, friendship, angst, whatever are all permissable. The sky's the limit.
4. Please include a rating with your entry.
5. Pimp, pimp, pimp!
Open Challenges
Arresting + Bottom + Famous Last Words + Fading Fast + First Times + Mornings + Without You + She'll Never Be You + The Lies We Tell + Fuck Pink + Kevlar Vest(s) + Soaked + TV Girlfriend(s) + Peanut Butter + Working Overtime + Anticipation + Photographic Memory + Eating Out + Crash + Black and White + Seven Deadly Sins + Anger Management + Shiver + Foiled Again + Insomnia + Bed, Bath and Beyond + Pleasure You Want. Protection You Trust + The Right to Remain Silent + Caught Red Handed + Error in Judgment + Murphy's Law + Pre SVU + Evil Diabolical Plan + Centrefold + Bare Essentials + Camera Phone + And Your Point is...? + Coffee, Tea or Me? + Catholic School Uniforms + Rare Steak, Dry Martinis, and Unfiltered Cigarettes + That's What She Said + Full Service + Technical Difficulty + She Looks Like a Boy + What's Not to Love?
Current Challenge: Glow
Every month we change the community header after voting upon entries from our members.
1. Header images should be 500 x 300 pxls (resolution: the standard 72) and should feature Olivia (NOT Mariska)
2. Post your creation in a new entry behind an lj-cut tag with the challenge number in the subject line.
3. No image maps please
4. Any text is up to you just as long as "ob_fangrrl" is featured somewhere.
5. Enter as many times as you like.
6. Please remember to credit your sources for images, gradients, textures, etc.
alexliveson (A sister community dedicated to SVU's former ADA, Alex Cabot)
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While posting by anonymous users is allowed, it is not encouraged.


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