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New femslash RP game!

After Dark header

What would happen if all the women in Law and Order were gay? After a long day in the precinct or courtroom, they meet up for a drink at a bar and conversation starts to flow freely...a few more drinks and who knows what might happen? l_o_afterdark is the place to find out!

This is our first time advertising, so there are still plenty of characters available. Check out our userinfo to see the full list. At this early stage we're not opening up for original characters (that will probably change in the future) but if you want to play a character from another fandom then feel free to put in an application and just explain how that character fits in with the L&O ladies.

This is NOT a case based RP. It's all about the characters, and the slashy fun times we can have with them. We don't want any character hating. If you hate [insert character here] so passionately and the idea of her having sexyfuntimes with [insert other character here] makes you want to break things or vomit or other such extreme reactions, then leave that outside the game. If you don't think you can, then this won't be the game for you.

We want a fun, friendly place for people to get their femslash RP on! Come on over to l_o_afterdark and check us out!

(Crossposted everywhere I could think of. Sorry if you see this a bunch of times...)
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