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Part two of "A year"

For title, spoiler, disclaimer, ect, please see part one

Rating: NC-17

When Casey and Olivia jumped into the backseat of the cab, giggling like school children and barely able to keep their hands off of each other like two horny teenagers when the cabbie asked them for a destination Casey nearly screamed out her address. Too anxious to get the words out of her mouth so she could get her mouth back on Olivia to even think about using a normal speaking level. She saw Olivia looking at her questioningly. “My place is closer.” Casey quickly explained, taking Olivia’s face in her hands, not wanting to apart from her for another second.
Olivia nodded, thrusting herself forward with a smoldering kiss. “Good idea.” She mumbled.
Casey arched her head back as she felt Olivia’s lips on her neck and collar bone, moaning and then biting down, trying frantically to keep that moan in as she remembered all too clearly where they were. But she didn’t care, nothing mattered, they could be in the middle of Central Park and Casey would still rip off Olivia’s clothes and take her right there if needed.
The counselor was in haze of Olivia’s lips, skin and hair when the car suddenly stopped.
Olivia was the first to get out and Casey threw some bills into the front seat, not even caring how much she over paid the driver.

The two women raced up the stairs and Olivia watched as Casey struggled to get her keys out of her purse and then to find the right key and then to try and get it in the multiple locks to get the door open. Deciding that Casey was taking too long Olivia pressed herself into Casey, kissing her again and Casey didn’t struggle as she was pushed up against the door, their fire reigniting.
Olivia found the bottom hem of Casey’s shirt and let her hands roan underneath, grasping fiercely over Casey’s bra, needing to feel her more than Olivia could ever remember wanting anything in her life at that moment.
“Liv.” Casey was able to gasp out as she felt her body rocking accordingly with Olivia’s hands. “I have to…the door…”
Somehow, not sure how, Olivia was able to comprehend what Casey was saying and pulled back, clearing her throat. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “Can’t very well do it right here can we?”
Casey grinned and wolfish grin and then forced her hands to stop shaking and to concentrate on the act of getting her door open. It seemed to take much longer and was a lot harder than this simple act had ever been before.
The moment the door was opened Casey spun around at once didn’t have to wait more than a second before Olivia was in her arms again. They stumbled into the darkened living room, bumping into end tables until they reached the couch and Olivia moved them into place next to it.
“Bed.” Casey mumbled, not even bothering to slow down their kissing for something as pointless as words, which at that moment seemed like just a distraction.
“Too far.” Olivia mumbled back.
Casey was suddenly thinking ahead, picturing being able to sprawl out Olivia across her king sized bed and what sort of things Casey could do with that kind of room. “No, bed.” Casey insisted and led them that way.
Neither even thought about turning on a light, just fell right into bed and both began to shrug off their clothing, pausing only to help each other with the act, throwing the articles of pants and shirts aside, not caring where they landed or what they knocked over.
And then finally Casey knelt back and was able to see Olivia Benson, bare, bathed in the moonlight that shown through her open curtain. “You’re so beautiful.” Casey breathed.
Olivia just looked up at her and smiled and they stared at each other for a moment, catching their breathes, taking in the sight of each other before Olivia reached out and pulled Casey down to her.
The buzz wearing off for both of them caused them to become more serious and to slow down.
Casey began to kiss every part of Olivia, sucking and nipping at every part of exposed flesh, wishing only then for time to stop or to at least slow down so she could spent an hour on each part of Olivia.
“Casey please.” Casey heard Olivia say and she looked up at her.
“Please what?” Casey asked sincerely.
Olivia reached out and ran her hand through Casey’s red hair, loving the feel of it, loving the sight and smell of it, wanting to just loose herself in it. “I’ve wanted you for you so long.” She whispered, completely somber. “Don’t make me wait any longer, I couldn’t take stand it.”
Casey’s heart got stuck in her throat at the thought that Olivia had wanted her, before tonight. “Olivia.” Casey whispered back, coming close to lay next to her, holding her tightly. “If you only knew…how many times…I’ve thought…”
“Just…please!” Olivia interrupted her. “Just be inside me. I wish I could explain to you how much I need you. How…there have been times where the thought of you was the only thing that kept me going…” Olivia trailed off like she was suddenly scared, like she suddenly wished she could take her words back.
Casey moved even closer and did as Olivia had asked, slipping in easily she heard Olivia gasp the instant contact was made. Casey looked up to see Olivia had propped herself up on her elbows, her back arched, her head fallen back. Casey began to slowly Olivia until she could hear Olivia’s breathe start to come out in short, choppy gasps and she could feel her muscles tightening around her fingers.
“Casey!” Olivia gasped, half sitting up to reach out for Casey but at that moment the climax hit her and she gasped inwardly, pulling away slightly and leaning back. As Casey felt the orgasm go through Olivia’s body Casey moved closer to her, wanting to be near her and somehow, Casey wasn’t sure how, maybe it was just wishful thinking but Casey had a feeling that Olivia wanted her to near as well.

Casey started to pull her hand away but Olivia was tight and she made a tiny since of pain, grabbing Olivia’s arm and stilling her hand. “Wait.” She whispered, almost urgently. “Just…stay there…for a moment longer.”
Dipping head low, almost afraid that Olivia would see how happy Casey was in that moment; the ADA leaned closer and began to place tiny kisses on her face and neck. Olivia made a sound that closely resembled a moan and it was only when Casey felt Olivia tightening up again did Casey remember that she still had her hand placed firmly between the detective’s thighs.
Smiling a smile that could be mistaken as mischief Casey began to slowly return her fingers to a rhythmic motion.
Olivia gasped in surprise. “Casey!” She said in a mock scolding voice.
“Comments? Questions?” Casey asked, teasing. “Requests?” She added unable to keep the seduction out of her voice.
“As a matter of fact,” Olivia pushed herself into a sitting position and smoothly moved herself in between Casey’s legs, entering her effortlessly and being welcomed by an approving gasp from the attorney. Olivia moved herself close and whispered Casey’s name in her ear.
“Olivia-” Casey started to say, there was so much she wanted to say in that moment and for tiny second when Casey felt like everything was possible she really did believe that she could say everything she had been wanting to say, wither she knew the right words or not. But before Casey could even get one syllable out she felt a wave rushing over her body and had to concentrate very hard to not still her fingers all together and just get lost. Then, finally, after what seemed like a forever tortured bliss Casey felt a release as it felt like the insides of her body were exploding. At the same time she felt Olivia collapsing against her, pulling away and then coming back. Casey could feel her come once, twice, three and then a fourth time before Olivia fell completely limp, having no energy to move she rested against the counsel’s bare chest only enough left in her to keep breathing in and breathing out.
After several long minutes Olivia finish found the strength to pull away only to crumple down onto the sheets.
Casey quickly followed suite and they lay side by side, looking up at the ceiling, silent until Olivia was the first to speak.
“I can’t…move…” Her words came out very slow, like it was struggle to breathe and talk at the same time.
“That’s okay.” Casey said, the rate of her breathing slowly returning to normal. “I’m not kicking you out.”
Both she and Olivia turned their heads at the same time and looked at each other, dead sober for only a second before they both burst out laughing. Olivia pressed the palm of her hand against her forehead, “Oh…that was…” She didn’t bother to finish her sentence; instead she rolled over and rested her head on Casey’s chest, snuggling close to her.
Casey continued to stare at the ceiling, fighting to get her emotions under control. When she finally felt like she had she tried to speak. “Olivia.” She started. “I wanted to-” She paused, her words sounding somehow wrong now that she was hearing them out loud. “I guess what I meant; I mean I just wanted to say that…” Casey laughed almost bitterly, suddenly very nervous. “Funny how the words never come when you want them to huh?” Casey looked down and saw Olivia’s eyes were closed and her breathing was even. Casey gave a small laugh, not sure if she was disappointment or grateful that Olivia didn’t have to deal with Casey making a fool out of herself.
Casey sat up slightly, moving Olivia just so as she crawled to the other end of the bed and picked up the blanket that had gotten shoved onto the floor.
Returning to Olivia’s arms Casey covered them both up and was asleep before she even knew it.


Olivia stopped just as the door slammed shut. Quickly she turned back around but then held a hand and used it push herself away. She stalked over to the elevators and hit the button. The wait seemed to drag out so long that Olivia found herself turning around and looking at Casey’s door. It would only take a moment to get back there, to walk back inside the apartment and just-
Olivia stopped her thoughts right there. She had to focus on what mattered now and her job was what mattered. It was what she had; it was what she was good at. Casey understood that. Olivia was also very sure that Casey could forgive Olivia for only being human. It was human to want human contact so badly that it kept you awake at night. It was only human to fall in love when had to see a smart, beautiful, kind, sensitive, caring, witty, amazing woman every day.
Casey understood that, Olivia was sure of it.
That was why when the elevator doors finally opened Olivia Benson had no trouble stepping in and not looking back.

Casey Novak stood in place, waiting for that door to open and for Olivia to come back through it and be in her arms again. She didn’t move, she just kept staring, just kept waiting.
The minutes began to accumulate until twenty minutes passed. By then Casey realized it was time to stop hoping, there was no point. Olivia had stated her mind and she wasn’t going to change it.
In the shower Casey came to the difficult but logical conclusion that Olivia was right. Working with someone whom you slept with time and time again, someone that loved…it would complicate things; complicate them so bad they might just mess up. And there were women, children, victims depending on them and as much as Casey wanted to let herself fall in love with Detective Benson she understood that there weren’t a whole lot of people willing to sacrifice themselves for others and Casey could only take pride in that moment that she was one of those people.

Six months later

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